Release New Core Framework

API V.3.0 release today with some security and bug fixes. This apps uses upgraded CodeIgniter framework as the core with PHP upgrade as well. 

Sunday, 1st October 2017 - API Aplication

Migration to DO Server

API application will be in migration this week end, the migration date is Friday 13, February 2015 around 21.00 CST, during the migration some of API features/services might be has issues, but API technical supports will be monitoring the process and solved all of the issues that raise.

Monday, 9th February 2015 - API Aplication

Release New Core Framework

API application now using core framework 2.2, this new core framework improved the execution time for most of API features/services by 20%, since the core using better version of programming language.

Sunday, 8th February 2015 - API Aplication

Release new template

API application release new template for increasing usability, check out the new template functionality.

Thursday, 1st January 2015 - API Aplication