Web Services List of public web services

Clients Info (5)
Change a user's password with the username and a new password
as inputs
Get a user's information by username
Get a list of web services
Get the current server timestamp
Update user information by username
Activity Scheduler (41)
Get a list of activities by school
Research for Global Report
Get a list of conference events filtered by conference and a limit
calendarGetListByMultipleCategories (Widget)
A list of one school's events of one or multiple categories,
in a specified time frame.
Get a list of events filtered by school, category and an event limit
calendarGetListBySchoolId (Widget)
A list of one school’s events, in a specified time frame.
calendarGetListBySchoolIdSPA (Widget)
Get a list of schedules of a school, filtered by date range with
bus time and dismissal
calendarGetListBySchoolId_Adv (Widget)
Get a list of school schedules filtered by events
calendarGetListBySchoolID_MonthView (Widget)
Widget with AS month view calendar for a school
Get a calendar of activities per school
Used by FinalSite to provide calendarGetSchedulesBySchoolID with
score information
Get a list of genders
Get AS central server information
getCoachInfo (Widget)
Get coach information filtered by school_url, activity, gender & level
Get AS event status list
Get all URLs that a client has permissions over
Get non-VHSL team information for Volleyball and Football events
getRosterBySchoolAgl (Widget)
Get roster information by school URL, activity, gender and level
getRosterBySuperConference (Widget)
Get roster information from Super Conference URL filter By School
ID & School Year & AGL
getScheduleScores (Widget)
Get event information by activity,gender,level & school URL
getScheduleScoresByConfId (Widget)
Get schedule and score information per activity, gender, level
& current season in conference scope
getScoreBySchoolUrl (Widget)
Get event information by school URL, days ago and a result limit
getScoreBySuperConference (Widget)
Get event information by super conference URL, activity and gender
getStandingsByConference (Widget)
List of school standings, win percentage and points earned for
one activity, gender and level, optionally grouped as needed (e.g. by section or zones). Schools can be in one or multiple conferences. 4B Widget
Get a list of levels by school
schedulesGetListByConferenceUrl (Widget)
#82151 Get event information by activity,gender,level & conference URL
schedulesGetListByDateSchoolId (Widget)
Get schedule information by school and date range
schedulesGetListByDateSchoolIdLevel (Widget)
Get event information by school URL, date range and level
Get list of schedules by school URL and date range and level for VNN
Get list of schedules by school URL and date range for VNN
Get schedule information by school URL and date range for CESA
Get schedules by school url, activity, level and by date range
Get schedules by school url, activity, level and by date range for VNN
Get schedule information by school and a day range
Get event score information by school and event ID
widgetEventsAndScoresByConf (Widget)
Set client permission for Scores Ticker
widgetGetScoreAllSchedule (Widget)
Get score information from all schedules filtered by level. Supports
widgetGetScoresBishop (Widget)
Get activity schedule and score information by gender, level
& school for Bishop
widgetMultipleSchoolURL (Widget)
Get calendar from multiple school URLs. Supports widgets
widgetUpcomingEventBishop (Widget)
Get schedule by school URL and days range
widgetUpcomingEventPerLevel (Widget)
Get schedule information by school URL, day range and level.
Supports widgets
Facilities Scheduler (7)
Get event data from FS by school and a date range
Get event information by school URL
Get location information for Livonia
Get room information from FS by school URL
widgetEventGetByBuilding (Widget)
Get event information by school and building. Supports widgets
widgetEventGetByLocations (Widget)
This widget was designed to be used in a tablet or mobile phone
on the front doors of rooms. It will display the name of the room, the current event, and the upcoming events.
widgetEventGetBySchoolDateRange (Widget)
Get FS event information by school URL and day range. Supports widgets
rSchoolToday Portal (1)
Get date of event by school ID, year & month
Mobile AS (1)
Web service to get roster (if exist) from C/NC activity that
is related to a given SO activity.
Activity Registration (2)
Remove a student from Roster for AR #85066
AR Save / Add Activity History

Feeds XML,JSON,iCAL,Feeds

Activity Scheduler API Feed
This feed contains all events in the school calendar. XML, iCal, JSON and RSS format